Welcome to the Maclemore Ranch

Located on the Clear Fork of The Brazos River, The Maclemore Ranch has been a family owned cattle ranch since 1931. Thirty acres of the ranch have been set aside for camping and festival facilities.

Situated 40 minutes NW from Breckenridge, 25 minutes east of Albany and 3 hours west of Fort Worth, TX, The "Mac" is a remote destination that is perfect for a weekend getaway from the city.

Abilene has a small airport and is close by but your best bet if you are flying is probably DFW or Lovefield in Dallas/Fort Worth.



Tents, vans, and RVs are all welcome to camp overnight for free. Porta potties, washing stations, and showers will be available at the festival grounds. There will also be a medic on site.

RV campers: IMPORTANT!

Also, we want to make sure we have room for you so please contact us and let us know how much room you need. walkthisearthfestival@gmail.com


Albany, TX (25 minutes from festival grounds)

Reddy Inn and Suites
724 US-283, Albany, TX 76430
Phone: (325) 762-3434

Albany Inn & RV Campground
Hwy 180 @ Hwy 283 North (Throckmorton Hwy)
Albany, TX 76430
Phone: 325-762-2451

Hereford Motel
Hwy 180 @ 283 South (Baird Hwy)
Albany, TX 76430
Phone: 325-762-2451

Breckenridge, TX (40 minutes from festival grounds)

The Ridge Motel
2602 W Walker St
Breckenridge, TX 76424
ridgemotelbreckenridge.com (254) 559-2244

Regency Inn
3111 W Walker St
Breckenridge, TX 76424
Phone: (254) 559-6502

Throckmorton, TX (40 minutes from festival grounds)

Lazy T Lodge
202 College St
Throckmorton, TX 76483
Phone: (940) 256-2595

What to bring?

Food and drinks

Food, beer, and soda are all included with festival admission but it is always wise to have back up just in case. The closest store is in Albany and the closest beer is Breckenridge and they are expensive. There are no liquor stores anywhere close by.

Camping gear

Some might say the Maclemore ranch is in the "middle of nowhere". The campground will and removed of brush but the land is still fairly rough. Boots and comfortable rugged attire are recommended.
Catch and release fishing is permitted in the river that runs through the property but you must have a Texas fishing license which can be purchased at many places in town.

What not to bring?

For the safety of everyone at the festival we ask you to please leave your guns, pets, and fireworks at home.